How are your students feeling today?

Give every student a voice that is heard with Skodel.
The fastest way to frequently monitor, understand, and improve student mental health and wellbeing.
Understand key emotion drivers

Gain visibility into key drivers of negative and positive emotions so that you can take appropriate and proactive action.

Regularly monitor student wellbeing

Deliver engaging check-ins to give every student an opportunity to communicate how they are feeling  and why in less than 30 seconds.

Easily track and recognize trends

Track student emotional status over time across different grades, custom groups, or even among multiple schools.


How Skodel Works

Weekly wellbeing check-in

The simplest way to check in with your entire school, giving every student a safe and comfortable space to tell it how it is.

  • Get to know students like never before

  • Give students in need an outlet to open up

  • Empower and encourage self expression

Easily track
student positivity

Quickly gauge positivity levels across different classes, custom groups or school wide.

  • Identify issues instantly

  • Pinpoint challenging times

  • Compare classes or custom groups

Understand key drivers

Gain visibility on key drivers of negative and positive emotions so that you can take appropriate action.

  • Measure the impact of your wellbeing programs

  • Allocate resources accordingly

  • Inform policy decisions


Skodel 💓 Scoot & anzuk

Like jelly and peanut butter, Skodel and Scoot & anzuk education partner to make life better by helping schools across the world listen to, and understand their students better.


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